Environmental Resource Guides (ERGs)

ERGs are the foundation of the AWMA’s award-winning Teacher-Training Program. Designed as a supplementary curriculum, ERGs help students learn about issues that directly affect their lives and their environment. There are four Air Quality ERGs and four Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention ERGs in English. They are divided by class level using common U.S. classifications: grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each ERG includes approximately 15 lessons with clearly stated educational objectives, background information, hands-on activities, and extension activities that can be integrated into general science, language arts, math, social studies and other subjects. The ERG series is designed to develop critical thinking skills including observation, comparison, analysis and problem solving.

For more information about the ERGs or to order copies, visit the A&WMA International Website:

Educational Materials Catolgue – download a pdf order form and call A&WMA at 800-270-3444 to place your order

Educational Materials from the A&WMA Online Library (online ordering available)

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