2019 – 2020 Scholarship Recipients

A&WMA Gulf Coast Chapter 2019 – 2020 Environmental Science and Engineering Scholarships were awarded to three students who demonstrated impressive academic and/or research excellence, passion for the environment, and community engagements and involvements through volunteer activities or participation in professional organizations.  The students were awarded $2,500 each.  

Kyle Benauro

Kyle is an Environmental Geoscience major at Texas A&M University. He enjoys outdoor activities and loves visiting national parks. He aims to apply empirical methods of assessing environmental impact of project proposals so that shareholders are guided prior to committing financial resources and executing major decisions.

Morgan Crowley

Morgan is an incoming freshman into the Environmental Geoscience program at Texas A&M University at College Station. She has a passion towards the environment, and actively participates in efforts to benefit it and educate others. She hopes to become a researcher within the geosciences field.

Fangzhou Guo

Fangzhou is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University. He works in Dr. Rob Griffin’s research group with focus on the atmospheric chemistry of ozone and submicron aerosols. Prior to his Ph.D. study, Fangzhou received a B.A. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Economics from Rice University, a M.S. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Yale University, and served as the assistant to the Programme Specialist at UNESCO Beijing Office.