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Air & Waste Management Association - Gulf Coast Chapter


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Date Speaker Topic
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June 2018 Roberto Gasparini (Spirit Environmental) and Cory R. Thornton (Crain, Caton & James) Environmental Due Diligence: Answering the Five Main Questions
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April 2018 Jesus Davis (Industrial Information Resources) 2018 Oil and Gas Spending Outlook
ACE 2018 ACE 2018 Program ACE 2018 Program
ACE 2018 ACE 2018 Presenters' Bio ACE 2018 Presenters' Bio
ACE 2018 ACE 2018 Signage ACE 2018 Signage
ACE 2018 Dr. Elena Craft (Environmental Defense Fund) Building a Healthier and Climate Adaptive Houston: Lessons Learned from Harvey
ACE 2018 Johnny Vermillion (Spirit Environmental) Houston Ozone –Past, Present, and Future?
ACE 2018 Carl Edlund (EPA, Region 6 Superfund Division - Director) EPA Response to Hurricane Harvey
ACE 2018 Edwin Mongan (BHP Billiton, ONE Future Coalition Company) ONE Future – Our Nation’s Energy Future
ACE 2018 Laura LaValle (Beveridge & Diamond) Trends in Environmental Law Under the Trump Administration
ACE 2018 John Christiansen (Anadarko) Anadarko’s Advocate and Ambassador Program: Connecting With Our Community
ACE 2018 Deever Bradley (ERM) A Disservice to VOC Service
ACE 2018 Chris Colville (Edge Engineering and Science) The Future of Advanced Air Monitoring Technologies
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November 2017 Mike Taylor (Emission Advisors) Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) Emission Reduction Credits (ERC) and MECT NOx Allowances
July 2017 Brian Christian (TCEQ) TCEQ Update
June 2017 Chris Pepper (Winstead PC) Not Your Ordinary Regulatory Compliance Stories … practical applications of environmental lawyering
April 2017 Johnny Vermillion, PE. (Spirit Environmental) Serving Two Masters; Understanding Texas and EPA - Permitting Programs
March 2017 Prof. Daniel Cohan (Rice University) Texas’ Evolving Electricity Market and Its Impact on Air Quality
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ACE 2017 ACE 2017 Program ACE 2017 Program
ACE 2017 David Brymer and Betsy Peticolas (TCEQ) HGB Changes and Air Permitting
ACE 2017 Matt Kuryla (Baker Botts) Redesignation of HGB, Changing the SIP, and Use of Mobile and Area Source Credits for EBT
ACE 2017 Matthew Paulson (Bracewell) TSCA Reform
ACE 2017 Chris Wolfe (Environmental Defense Fund) Case Study – Mobile Sources in an EBT Program
ACE 2017 Dan McGraw (ICIS US Carbon Markets) Trump’s Impact on Obama’s Environmental Legacy
ACE 2017 Steve Ramsey (Geosyntec Consultants) Regulatory/Policy Side of Using Technology
ACE 2017 Yousheng Zeng (Providence Photonics) Technology for Measurements
ACE 2017 Jesse Thompson (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) The Houston Economy and Future Outlook
ACE 2017 Matt Stutz (Weaver Consultants Group) Revised MSW NSPS
ACE 2017 Marv Richardson (ERM) EPA’s Rulemaking on Hazardous Waste Generators
ACE 2017 Todd Staples (TXOGA, President) Industry Update
ACE 2017 Celina Romero (Duggins Wren Mann & Romero, LLP) Oil and Gas Regulatory Climate
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November 2016 Walker Williamson and Joseph Thomas TCEQ HGB Nonattainment Area Updates
November 2016 Mike Taylor Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) Emission Reduction Credits (ERC)
September 2016 Eduardo (Jay) Olaguer, Ph.D., Houston Advanced Research Center The Oil and Gas Patch: Novel Techniques for Real Time Monitoring, Emissions Quantification, and Air Quality Impact Assessment
June 2016 Jesse Thompson, The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Houston Branch The Houston Economy
April 2016 Robert Opiela, Opiela Consulting Services and NaviKnow Solutions Air Quality Data: The Foundation for Rules, Policy, Permitting, and Compliance and the Power it Possesses
HAT 2016 Overall Proceedings (Large File 17 MB)
HAT 2016 Jeff Holmstead, Bracewell and Giuliani How EPA and New EPA Regulations Will Affect Texas Business
HAT 2016 Jed Anderson; The AL Law Group & Carter The Clean Air and Climate Change Act of 2016
HAT 2016 Jim Blackburn; Blackburn & Carter Public Policy Issues in Air Pollution: The Public Interest Perspective
HAT 2016 Cory Pomeroy, TXOGA EPA's New Methane and VOC NSPS and Source Determination Rules for the Oil and Gas Industry

HAT 2016 Michael Honeycutt and Sabine Lange, TCEQ TCEQ Perspectives on the Health Effects Review of Ozone
HAT 2016 Rebecca Rentz, Winstead Attorneys 2015 Ozone NAAQS Implementation Highlights
HAT 2016 Bruce Davis, Consultant Review of the Implications of the Refinery Flare Rule
HAT 2016 Curt Laush; Geosyntec Consultants An Overview of Viable Fenceline Monitoring Techniques Pertaining to the Refinery Rule
HAT 2016 Ram Hashmonay, Atmosfir Optics The Importance of Open Path Fenceline Monitoring for Sustaining Compliance with the New Refinery Rule
HAT 2016 David Schoenbrod, New York Law School The Clean Air Act is Obsolete - The Need for Bold Reform
HAT 2016 Toby Baker, TCEQ Presentation
HAT 2016 Ron Curry, US EPA Region 6 Presentation
HAT 2016 Tom Jordan, San Joaquin Valley APCD San Joaquin Valley - Clean Air Act Implementation Issues
HAT 2016 Derek McDonald; BakerBotts, Austin, Texas Key Permitting Considerations for 2016: Greenhouse Gas and Ozone
HAT 2016 Joe Guida; Guida, Slavich, and Flores Texas EHS Audit Privilege Act and EPA Self-Disclosure Policies
HAT 2016 Jess McAngus, Spirit Environmental How to Conduct a Texas EHS Self-Audit
HAT 2016 Brian Sinclair, TCEQ TCEQ Enforcement Update
October 2015 Arijit Pakrasi, CBI Analysis of Ambient Air Monitoring Data for New Source Review Permitting -- A Texas Perspective
September 2015 Mike Taylor, Element Markets Update on Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) NOx and VOC Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and MECT NOx Allowances
July 2015 Liz Hendler, Rohit Sharma Ozone Standard Update
April 2015 Steven Ramsey Use of “Next Generation” Open-Path Monitoring Systems for Source Detection, Emission Inventory Improvement, Root Cause Analysis and to Direct Emission Reduction Strategies
March 2015 Leslie Wong (ERM) Oil & Gas Industry GHG Regulatory Trends
February 2015
Hot Air Topics
Dr Fraiser (Zephyr) Updated Presentation - Hot Air Topics
Ozone NAAQS – Issues with the Science
February 2015
Hot Air Topics
Ted Bowie, Carla Kinslow, Stephen Ramsey, Shagun Bhat (Environ) Updated Presentation - Hot Air Topics
Evaluation of Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program in USEPA’s Proposed Refinery Sector Rule
February 2015
Hot Air Topics
Overall Compilation -- Hot Air Topics Overall Compilation Hot Air Topics (22MB)
October 2014 Steve Hagle, TCEQ Air Quality in Houston and Permitting Updates
October 2014 Erin Selvera, TCEQ Air Permits Division -- Updates and Hot Topics
September 2014 Mike Taylor, Senior Vice President, Element Markets, LLC Update on Scarcity of Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB) Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and Allowances, and use of NOx ERCs for VOC ERCs
July 2014 Ramiro Garcia, TCEQ Deputy Director, Office of Compliance & Enforcement TCEQ Regulatory Update
June 2014 Steve Smith, Lyondell
Chairman Technical Advisory Committee Houston Regional Monitoring
Air Quality in Houston and an Update on the NAAQS
April 2014 Jodie Connor, President
J. Connor Consulting, Inc.
Oil Spill Response Preparedness Gulf of Mexico Post Deepwater Horizon
February 2014, Hot Air Topics Derek Seals and Betsy Peticolas,
Winstead Attorneys
TCEQ-EPA Legal Challenges
February 2014, Hot Air Topics Steve Hagle, P.E.
Hot Air Topics
February 2014, Hot Air Topics Rock Owens, Manager, Environmental & Infrastructure
Practice Group
Environmental Enforcement
November 2013 Robert E. Mace, Ph.D., P.E.,
Texas Water Development Board
The Water-Industry Nexus: What Texas is Doing to Meet Current and Future Water Needs
October 2013 Element Markets The Scarcity and Expense of HGB Emission Reduction Credits: Issue and Opportunity
September 2013 James Payne, Shareholder
Guida, Slavich & Flores, P.C.
Overview of President Obama's Climate Action Plan
July 2013 Beryl Thatcher, Chemical Section Manager
TCEQ Air Permits Division
Current TCEQ Air Permitting Activities
June 2013 Michael Goldman, Shareholder
Guida, Slavich & Flores, P.C.
Source Aggregation Developments in the Oil & Gas Industry
May 2013 David Friedman, VP Regulatory Affairs
2013 Legislative and Regulatory Outlook
April 2013 Ron Sass, Professor Emeritus
Rice University
2012: The Year Climate Change Became Real
October 2012 Rebecca Rentz, Of Counsel
Winstead PC
Texas' Challenges to EPA Rules and Rulings: A Summary of Recent Decisions and What They (May) Mean
August 2012 Glenn Sanford, Associate Professor
Sam Houston State University
Optical Remote Sensing: Glimpsing Future Enforcement of the Clean Air Act?
July 2012 Toby Baker, Commissioner
Annual Regulatory Update (joint meeting with TAEP)
(no presentation)
June 2012 Steven Lord, Attorney
Kilburn Law Firm, PLLC
Aggregation Consternation: Clean Air Act Source Determination Issues in the Oil & Gas Patch
(no presentation)
April 2012 C. William (Bill) Smalling, Attorney at Law
C. William Smalling, PLLC
Will the Refining Industry Survive the CAA?
March 2012 Adam Bullock & Danielle Nesvacil
Emissions Inventory: Reporting Requirements and What's New for 2011
November 2011 Jed Anderson, The AL Law Group
Malcolm Richards, TITAN Engineering
Deviation/STEERS Reporting: Potential Enforcement, Litigation, and News Media Impacts
October 2011 Bruce Davis
Summary of Flare Issues & EPA Regulatory Plans
September 2011 Kurtis Schlicht
ERM - Houston
Implications of EPA's proposed Clean Water Act 316(b) Regulations on the Power and Manufacturing Industry
April 2011 Jeff Voorhis, P.E.
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
TCEQ Pollution Prevention Tools You Can Use
March 2011 Michael Budin
Manager, Environmental and Energy Services, RMT Inc.
Summary of Final Boiler MACT Regulations
November 2010 Gwen Eklund
Director, Power Generation Services, TRC
The Utility Challenge 2010-2020: Climate and Environmental Legislation, Regulation, & Litigation
September 2010 Gindi Eckel Vincent
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Uncertain Times -- What to do about EPA's Permit Objections (no presentation)
July 2010 Donna Phillips, Area Director
Linda Vasse, Region 12 Director
Annual Regulatory Update (joint meeting with TAEP) (no presentation)
June 2010 Lucy Frasier, Ph.D., DABT
Senior Toxicologist/Program Manager, AECOM
Toxicology & Risk Assessment in the News: Recent EPA Proposals with Broad Implications
May 2010 Dana Blume
Environmental Affairs Manager, Port of Houston Authority
Port of Houston Air Quality Initiatives
April 2010 Patricia McIsaac
Product Manager-Sediments and Tissues, TestAmerica Laboratories
Chemical Analysis of Sediments and Tissues - How to Sample and Get Useful Data
March 2010 Rebecca Rentz
Counsel, Bracewell & Guiliani
A Survey of Current Activities by EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA)
February 2010 Tracy Hester
Bracewell & Guiliani
Climate Change in the Courts: Climate Change Liability & Litigation
January 2010 Craig Beskid
President, The Mickey Leland National Urban Air Toxics Research Center (NUATRC)
New Research to Assess Air Toxics Exposures in Texas Communities
December 2009 Paul Sarahan, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP Regulatory Environmental Outlook for 2010 - Current and New Issues
November 2009 Sandra Y. Snyder, Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP EPA's Proposed Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule
October 2009 Richard Murray, University of Houston Environmental Issues in the Houston Mayoral Race (no presentation)
September 2009 Bruce C. Davis, DuPont Engineering Technology Flares - Current Knowledge, Emerging Regulatory Issues, and Current EPA/TCEQ Activities (no presentation)
August 2009 Snehal Patel, Harris County Attorney's Office Environmental Priorities of the New Harris County Attorney, Vince Ryan (no presentation)
July 2009 Donna Phillips
TCEQ Area Director - Coastal and East Texas
Annual Regulatory Update (joint meeting with TAEP)
June 2009 Chris Amandes, Vinson & Elkins, LLP Climate Change Developments and Proposed EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
May 2009 Bill Dawson, Independent Journalist
Matthew Tresaugue, Houston Chronicle
The Media's Coverage of Environmental Issues, From the Insiders' Perspective (panel discussion; no presentation)
April 2009 Charles Maguire
TCEQ Water Quality Planning Division
The Realignment of TCEQ Water Programs and the New Approach with Bacteria TMDLs
March 2009 Lindsey Jones, TCEQ Toxicology Houston Air Quality and the Air Pollutant Watch List
March 2009 Walt Crow, Houston Regional Monitoring Air Quality Monitoring Overview
September 2008 Chris Amandes, Vinson & Elkins Changes to the EPA Audit Policy for New Owners
August 2008 TBA TBA
July 2008 TCEQ Multi-Media Directors TCEQ Region 12 Multi-Media Update
June 2008 Jim Blackburn, Blackburn & Carter An Attorney's Perspective on Air Quality Issues Along the Texas Gulf Coast
May 2008 Dan Mueller, CDM Non-Air Implications of Global Climate Change
April 2008 Kevin Colbert, Gardere City of Houston Public Nuisance Ordinance
March 2008 Carl Edlund, EPA Region 6 EPA Region 6 2008 Air Quality Initiatives
February 2008 Susana Hildebrand, TCEQ 2008 TCEQ Air Initiatives
January 2008 Matt Kuryla, Baker Botts LLP Climate Change 2008
June 2007 Kathey Ferland, University of Texas Energy Management Systems: The Next Step in Energy Performance Improvement
May 2007 Cliff Walk, Rohm & Haas The Anatomy of a Title V Permit (no presentation available)
April 2007 Dr. Loren Raun, City of Houston The City of Houston's Voluntary Benzene and Toxics Initiatives
March 2007 Patricia Fontenot, TCEQ Changes to the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) Rule
February 2007 Betin Santos, Environmental Defense The Diesel Initiative
January 2007 Sanjay Sampath, Sage Environmental A Global Outlook on Key Environmental Issues
November 2006 Chris Amandes, Vinson & Elkins L.L.P. First Non-Liable Party Agreement to Clean Up a Superfund Site
October 2006 Hot Air Topics Conference
September 2006 Steve Smith, TCEQ Water Section The Recent Release of the TPDES Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for Storm Water
August 2006 Alex Cuclis, HARC Air Quality Research in East Texas
July 2006 TAEP Joint Meeting
June 2006 Sharon Jones, CDM 8-Hr SIP Ozone Re-designations and Resulting Permitting Opportunities
May 2006    
April 2006 Steve Ramsey, ENVIRON Residual Risk Standards:
EPA Begins Implementing Section 112(f) of the Federal Clean Air Act
March 2006 Rebecca Rentz, Air Quality Director, TCEQ TCEQ Region 12 New Air Quality Director Role
February 2006 Herb McKee Global Warming:  A Non-Politically Correct Viewpoint!
January 2006 Jed Anderson, Attorney at Law Finding a Better Way to Cleaner Air - Revisiting the SIP Process
November 2005 Elena M. Marks, City of Houston Mayor White's Air Quality Program
October 2005 Hot Air Topics Conference
September 2005 Rich Fiore, Search Consultants International EHS Employment Market Trends
August 2005 Doug Carvel, MECX Rapid In-Situ Remediation
June 2005 Steve Hagle, TCEQ Episodic Emissions
May 2005 Steve Ramsey, CH2M Hill How to Prepare for the New NSPS YYY Standard -
VOC Emissions for SOCMI WAstewater
April 2005 Carl Edlund, EPA Region 6 Current Status - Houston/Galveston Air Quality Plan
February 2005 Bill Ebbs, GB Biosciences Corporation The Benefits of Environmental Compliance
January 2005 Jill Gilbert, Lexicon Systems IT Solutions for EHS:  State of the Science for Compliance
November 2004 Rick Strouse, Motiva Refinery, Port Arthur Sustainable Development
October 2004 Hot Air Topics Conference
September 2004 Cynthia Erickson  
May 2004    
April 2004 David Schabacher, TCEQ Houston-Galveston State Implementation Plan
February 2004 Atiq Sediqi, TCEQ P2 Assistance and Texas EMS
December 2003 Rick Bost, ERM Criminal Investigations/Penalties in the Environmental Arena